Land Rover Defender

The owner of this new Land Rover Defender wanted to give his new investment the best possible start so it was booked in for a Ultimate New Car Protection.

As with every treatment to usual safe wash and decontaminated with a chemical fallout remover and clay bar to remove the embedded contaminants from the surface of the vehicle.

The paintwork was given a 1 stage machine polish. This enhances the gloss while at the same time removing the fine scratches and other blemishes it had picked up, leaving the paint swirl free.

The customer selected Gtechniq C1 which forms a crystalline film which is extremely hard and makes it effective at preventing minor scratching from poor wash technique on relatively soft automotive paint as well as gloss retention.

The C1 was then topped with 2 layers of C2 sealant to give instant shine and protection from UV and dirt.

All glass was polished and sealed with Gtechniq G1 this forms a hydrophobic barrier to cause rain water roll off in beads improving visibility in wet weather.

Wheels were protected in Gtechniq C5 a nano based coating resistant to high temperatures repelling dirt, water and brake dust. This makes them extremely easier to clean regularly.

Finished result.