Soft Top Protection from £100

Soft-tops are made from canvas, vinyl or other textile material and keeping them clean, especially if the vehicle is not garaged can be tough. Convertible roofs are subject to abuse from all weather conditions, bird droppings, UV rays, tree sap, moss or algae to name a just a few and if left neglected and not cared for soft tops can become very heavily ingrained with these deposits and contaminants which will prove to be very difficult to remove later on. Treating your soft top helps to protect it from the elements harmful UV rays which over time can lead to a drying out and discoloration/fading of the material. Once we have applied  our fabric guard the water will bead straight of the roof just like a  waxed car would, this stops the water from penetrating the convertible roof and keeps all those contaminates at bay.

· Lightly brushed to remove debris and vacuumed.

· Roof lightly rinsed with water and convertible roof cleaner applied to break down contaminants and lightly scrubbed.

· Thoroughly rinsed and blow dried.

· Once totally dry 2 coats of fabric protection applied at 1 hour intervals.

· Glass cleaned inside & out.

Please note some roof's if badly faded may need recoloring if so please note that this would be an extra charge.

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