Auto Car Detailing offer the latest in self-healing Paint Protection Films on the market. Stone Chip Protection, Paint Protection Film or PPF is a virtually invisible film that protects your vehicles paintwork from stone chips, scratches and minor abrasions  allowing your vehicle to stay looking like new. As modern day paints chip, scratch and swirls much easier than paints of the past, this is the best way to protect your car's paint work from wear and tear and from road debris.

Computer Generated Patterns

Digitally designed pattern is pre-cut on a Graphtec Plotter before being applied to the bodywork. This leads to precision and aliment so no cutting on the panel.

10 Year Warranty

Our films come with up to ten years manufactures warranty against yellowing, peeling, cracking, staining and hazing. Covering both film and labour.


Our installs are completed at our state of the art studio in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, as this way we can control the conditions and the environment where we install the film to your vehicle.

All areas receiving PPF will be given a one stage machine polish to remove light swirl marks and scratches ensuring the paint is pristine before install.

Whether you are looking to get just your bumper protected or the complete car wrapped, we have the package for you. These are our most popular Paint Protection Film (PPF) packages. 



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